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Special Thanks April 26, 2013

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I wanted to give a special thanks for everyone who has been donating, and for helping to get the word around about what we are doing. I truly believe this idea could improve a lot of people’s lives and I hope enough of you feel the same to make it a possibility. Also I am working on the other pages and they should be up shortly :)


Staying Busy April 16, 2013

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Hey everyone! Thank you for your continued support. Just letting you know I’ve been busy tying to spread the word and get this idea out to as many people as possible. We get more people every day and I hope we can continue to grow like this for a long time.


Keeping you Informed April 10, 2013

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Just wanted to let everyone know we’re moving along well, and we will be filling out other areas of the site shortly :)


Also don’t forget to help spread the word, we are doing our best to reach the community but any help is greatly appreciated. I know if we work hard enough we can make this project a success, and start improving people’s lives.


More Stuff! April 5, 2013

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Just thought I would let everyone know we’ve added two more pages! The first page will be a running list of everyone who donates, and how much they donate (if you don’t want to be listed just let me know).


The second page is reserved for you, as we want to know the story of what you would do with a million dollars! Either post directly or send us your story and we’ll post it for you!


Lastly, in addition to our Facebook page you can also follow us on twitter:

Both the twitter link and Facebook link will always be listed in the “About the Site” page. Thanks again for everyone’s support and please do your best to spread the word.


Early Bird April 3, 2013

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Wow, two days old and already receiving donations! Thank you everyone who sees and understands this as a good idea, to not only help others, but to get the chance at making a million dollars yourself. The support so far has been fantastic, and I hope you all help spread the word and help the site grow. Remember the more people who contribute, the faster this site is turned over to one of you, the donators.


Don’t forget our Facebook page is up as well. So check out the-millionaire-countdown on Facebook and continue spreading the word!


Launch Time April 1, 2013

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Well I finally worked all the bugs out and The  Millionaire Countdown project is about to begin! I really think we could change the lives of a lot of people with this, and I pray for your donations to make it possible.


In case some of you were wondering the object of the site is to make regular people millionaires through the help of other regular people (everything is explained in the “About Site” page). With how much money is wasted on a daily basis why not make a small one dollar donation to not only improve the life of someone else, but to get the chance to have your life improved as well.


I really believe we can create a movement with this, allowing people to give money back into the community without having to go through government organizations, and getting the chance to improve the life of someone like yourself. Not to mention when the time comes it might be your chance to own this site and change your life for the better.


I’ll be making regular posts to inform the community of the sites progress, and would like to thank you all in advance for your support and desire to make a change.


Welcome! March 28, 2013

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Welcome one and all to The Millionaire Countdown! I just started this site last night so I will still be making some slight changes here and there. If you are interested in what the site is about check out the “About the Site” link in the top, or check out the “About Me” link to know more about me! I’ll be making another post soon but I wanted to say hi to everyone first. :)



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